Bridgepoint Luxury Condominiums on South Padre Island

Bridgepoint Luxury Condominiums are world-class condominiums on the bayside beaches of beautiful South Padre Island. Designed by architects Boone & Associates of Hawaii, Bridgepoint luxury condos offer classy, trendy getaway condominiums.

Bridgepoint Condominiums feature 28-stories with one, two and three bedroom luxury condos. Affordable and yet, upscale, our condos are some of the finest on South Padre Island.

Building Construction: Concrete with reinforced steel poured in place on 650 Helcor can 78’ piles. Window system developed specifically for Bridgepoint, field tested to withstand winds in excess of 150 mph.

Fire Safety: Fully fire sprinkler with 260, 000 gallon water storage tank and 650 KVA, 800 amp caterpillar diesel emergency generators. No other building on the South Padre Island is as fully fire protected as Bridgepoint. Our back-up water storage capacity and emergency generator assures fire sprinkler operation under all conditions. One hundred thousand gallons of water is available for residents and guest use in the building in the event the Island water supply is interrupted.

Privacy Protection: Remote operated privacy access gate in drive and code operated locks on entry doors to building, both of which may also be opened by telephone from the units.

If you would like to own a Bridgepoint Unit, please contact the Bridgepoint office here.